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Welcome to Alyssa's Vocal Studio

Care | Confidence | Connect


Located in the Twin Cities, you’ll find a qualified vocal professional eager to help you find your unique sound and style. I tailor each lesson to meet your needs—whether you’re new to music or a seasoned pro.

Hear From The Students


I had always wanted to take voice lessons. My goal was to gain confidence to be able to sing on stage. Alyssa helped me gain confidence and so much more. She tailors your teaching to your goals and her knowledge is extensive. I never knew there was so much to learn and I'm forever grateful for my time with her.

Jana B.


Alyssa does a fantastic job with her students no matter what their stage in life, experience, or abilities. She works hard to help students learn confidence and be their best performing selves. Alyssa is more than just a teacher, she became a friend. Whatever your need, Alyssa is sure to help fulfill your dreams.

Student's Parent


My son had started taking lessons with Alyssa and I thought “why not give this a try and do something for myself?”  After all, I was 46 and had always enjoyed singing but never felt I had a good enough voice to sing in front of others.  Alyssa brought me out of my shell and helped me gain the confidence to not just sing, but perform.  There’s no worrying about making mistakes, hitting the wrong note, my voice cracking – Alyssa uses all of these to help her students learn.  She’s patient, encouraging and makes singing fun!

Amy H.

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